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Sub-categories: Breeders

  • Quakerville - Information about the quaker parrot, their care, and feeding. Includes pictures, sound files, and personal stories.
  • Bugers the Quaker Parrot - Personal site with pictures and stories.
  • Corkey - Information, pictures, and sound files of a singing quaker parrot.
  • Monk Parakeets in North America - Ongoing study of feral quakers in North America, with resources, and related topics.
  • Monty the Monk Parakeet - Information, pictures and sound files of th author's pets.
  • Quaker Parrots - Devoted to the knowledge and care of quaker parrots. With information, links to other quaker sites, and postcard service.
  • Quakers Online - A listing of Quaker Parrot information sites.

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