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Parrots are a very popular group of birds. Their colourful patterns and cute mannerisms, including picking things up with their feet and climbing with their bills, endears them to us all. No wonder parrots are such favorite pets. The smallest parrot is probably the Buff-faced Pygmy Parrot from Papua New Guinea. The largest is the Hyacinth Macaw from S. America. Lories and Lorikeets, Cockatoos and Cockatiel, Macaws, Lovebirds, Conures, Short-tailed Parakeets, Amazons and Senegal are some examples of the different kinds of parrots that beautify our earth.

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Parrots are intelligent animals who depend on some degree of socialization and will not be good pets unless they are taught and patterned to be good pets. Good training is therefore vital to make these parrots bond with you. Feed your parrots a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and sizes of natural foods. Quality proteins, Vitamin A rich veggies, wholegrains and carbohydrates are absolute yummies with parrots.

To bond with your parrots better, understanding the intelligence and needs, both physical and psychological, is very important. Different parrots have different needs. See that you cater to all these needs to have a healthy and happy parrot in your house. Parrots are one species of birds who can be very well-trained. Are yours trained? Or are they still a matter of embarrassment?

  1. Senegal Parrots : The Senegal parrots learn to talk and imitate sounds such as the creak of the garage door and the ring of the telephone. Like all birds the Senegal parrots must be allowed time out of the cage to exercise and interact with you.

  2. Eclectus Parrots : Eclectus parrots are such intelligent creatures that sometimes they train themselves after only one incident of you showing displeasure at being pooped upon. Among all birds in the entire parrot family, eclectus parrots rival only the African Grey and the Amazon in their clarity of speech and scope of vocabulary.

  3. Amazon Parrots : The Amazon parrots were first brought to our land by Christopher Columbus. The Amazon parrots are very energetic, playful and social creatures that crave lot of interaction with their human owners.

  4. Quaker Parrots : Quaker parrots require a tremendous amount of attention and stimulus in order to avoid boredom and aggression. The more you respond to the noises made by your quaker parrots, the more you invite them to acquire human speech.

  5. Green Parrots : Among all birds man has tamed the green parrots seem to be the most favorite. Green parrots are intelligent, affectionate, inquisitive and can be easily trained.

  6. Afrcian Grey Parrot / African Gray Parrots : Every african grey parrot is as different from the other as i am from you. The african grey parrot is a notorious feather plucker.

  7. Parrot Species : All parrot species are brightly colored with a few exceptions. Almost all parrot species eat fruits, vegetables, chicken and a lot of seeds.

  8. Pet Parrots : Pet parrots provide a lot of entertainment and they bond with humans just as they would with their flock. Pet parrots can be trrained to talk and perform amazing tricks.

  9. Parrot Behavior : Parrot behaviour varies as much as mine would from yours. Just like a new baby, helping your baby parrot to settle down in a new home helps to ease parrot behaviour problems.

  10. Parrot Training : Parrot training and taming are essential. Parrot training is an art.

  11. Talking Parrot : Talking parrot is an asset and a lovely companion for both the young and old. A talking parrot begins by mimicking human sounds and other domestic noises. Then it goes on to imitating speech.


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