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Parrot BreedersParrot Breeders


Parrot breeders play a major role in the lives of parrots. Parrot breeders are foster parents. So, healthy parrots depend a lot on the parrot breeders and their methods of breeding. Feeding is a major duty of parrot breeders. Different parrot species have different responses to feeding. Feeding can be a messy proposition too.

Parrot breeders who are accustomed to feeding Macaw babies that pump so hard that they could swallow the syringe, usually are shocked to discover that Eclectus babies sometimes just sit there like a lump, with very little pumping action. If the baby is hungry, it will swallow the food quickly, and if not, it will allow the formula to drool down its chest. Not everyone can become parrot breeders. One must first consider whether or not they have the time, energy, and resources necessary for the commitment to this project. It can take time and effort to obtain healthy, non-hybridized specimens.

"Weaning" is entirely the parrot breeders' responsibility. The parrot’s future behavior patterns, his/her ability to relate, the levels of socialization and emotional health are very largely dependent upon the care it receives early in its life from its breeders. Good parrot breeders recognize the importance of early introduction to bathing. This typically begins when the baby is partially feathered.

I have been a parrot owner since the last twenty years. I have bought healthy babies from aviaries that take maximum care possible to bring up healthy parrots. These are real parrot breeders. They understand the needs of the parrots and make sure their diet is nutritious and safe.

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