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'Parakeets' means "small parrots". Parakeets have as many variations of their breed as there are varieties of their color. Parakeets come in a large variety of colors including pastel blues, yellows, dark greens, violets, solid whites and almost limitless combinations of the same. Parakeets are spread throughout the world. In Australia there are parakeets that live in the grass. Parakeets are one of America’s most popular pet birds. The first parrots I bought were parakeets.

Parakeets include Alexandrine ring-necked, Indian and African ring-necked, Rosellas and Scarlet Chested. Turquoisine and Eleganane are types of Grass Parakeets. Their small size, bright colors, and cheerful disposition make them perfect pets. It is calming to listen to their quiet chattering and chirping. Some parakeets even learn to talk.

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should have a large variety of grain and millet seeds. They need fresh water, and their water dish cleaned, everyday. Honey sticks are another good treat. Favorites include broccoli, leaves of flowering kale, shredded carrots, peas, corn, slices of apple or pear, and grapes cut in half. Trained parakeets are absolute dolls in the house. Untrained ones, however, can cause a lot of embarrassment.

  1. Parakeet Care : Parakeet care is the most important step in keeping parakeets as pets. The most important step in parakeet care is the positioning of the cage.

  2. Quaker Parakeet : The quaker parakeet is a green bird with grey feathers on neck and forehead. The quaker parakeet has proven to be just as intelligent and much more personable than the common parakeet.

  3. Parakeet Behavior : Communal nest building is a striking characteristic of parakeet behavior. For parakeet owners, understanding parakeet behavior may become a problem.

  4. Parakeet Training : Parakeet training takes a bit of patience and time. Parakeets are loving and social creatures, so make sure of good parakeet training.

  5. Parakeet Health : Parakeet health includes a healthy diet and plenty of fresh water. Good housing is vital for good parakeet health.

  6. Parakeet Illnesses : Parakeet illnesses are the usual tag-alongs when you decide to get a parakeet for a pet. Want to know more about parakeet illnesses and how you can deal with them?


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