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Parrots For SaleParrots For Sale


Your child's birthday is around the corner and you want to give her a unique gift. You have decided to get a pet for her. And you want a parrot. There are a million questions coming to your mind. The first one is - where will you get parrots for sale? As an expert in parrot training and having owned parrots for the last twenty years, here are a few tips.

Pet Stores - One of the most convenient places to buy your pet, these shops are easy to locate and most of them obtain their animals from breeders. Bird Specialty Stores - These are a newer option for bird buyers. Most bird specialty stores are run by devoted and committed bird lovers.

Newspapers - Newspapers are a great source when it comes to finding a variety of birds. However, buying through a newspaper can be a little dicey at times, particularly for the inexperienced.

Rescue Groups - Rescue groups are there to take in unwanted parrots that, quite often, have suffered from medical or behavioral problems. These birds are then put up for adoption.

With the knowledge of where you get parrots for sale, you must decide which species of parrots will suit your lifestyle. To make the right choice, go to Which parrot is right for me?

Breeders - Many are wonderfully caring individuals who breed birds out of love. However there are a few who breed just to make money, so their scruples are usually not in the best shape.

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Questions you must ask breeders:

  • References? - get 'em and check 'em

  • Shipping? - do they? From where? If they do it from USPS, run as if there is no tomorrow! USPS is absolutely ILLEGAL!

  • Fully fledged? - it would be wise to purchase your baby parrot from a breeder who will allow their babies to learn how to fly, land, and manuver inflight before clipping the wings

  • Socialization? - ask what is done to socialize the baby parrots that the breeder is selling.

  • Weaning? - what is the baby parrot eating? How much fresh produce, warm soft food, pellets and or seed? How long will the baby have been weaned before you receive it?

  • Vaccinations? - will the baby have received it's polyoma vaccination?

  • Well-Bird Vet Check? - Many breeders will provide this well bird checkup before the baby parrot leaves their aviary, and I would recommend that you select one who will do so for your purchase.

  • Assistance? - if you're a novice bird owner please find a breeder who will provide you with some basic education, advice and written information. It would also be helpful to you, if you are encouraged to call with questions after the purchase.