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Conures can be found in most of South and Central America. Some species of conures are also well represented in the West Indies and Mexico. In the wild conures are friendly, peaceful birds and seldom fight with each other. They live together in groups of twenty or more birds. Conures feed on various seeds, fruits, and insects.

Sharp-tailed Conure, the Blue-crowned Conure, Slender-billed Conure, Green-Cheeked Conure, Blue-Throated Conure, Black-Capped Conure and the Maroon-bellied Conure are some examples of conures.
Conures are known for their sweet dispositions and playfulness. They definitely have a mind of their own. Conures love to take baths. One of the first things a new
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owner should do is to train their bird to follow the "Up" command. My conures are adorable. But they were not so when I first got them. I took great pains to train them.

  1. Sun Conures : In the wild the sun conures are friendly and peaceful birds. Give plenty of fresh water to your sun conures for happy and healthy birds.

  2. Green Cheek Conure : A green cheek conure is intelligent and playful. A green cheek conure is very sweet natured and can be easily trained to talk.

  3. Blue Crown Conure : The Blue-crown conure has been regarded as one of the most intelligent conures. A blue crown conure can be taught to perform several tricks, such as sticking out their tongue, waving their foot and kissing.

  4. Nanday Conure : A nanday conure is one of the most colorful birds in the parrot family. A nanday conure can be taught tricks and to speak.

  5. Jendaya Conure : The Jendaya conure is a very playful and entertaining bird, and can be trained easily. A jendaya conure is a very good family bird because it tolerates the loudness of a family and the quick actions of children.

  6. Green Cheeked Conure : A green cheeked conure does not really whistle. A green cheeked conure can be trained to go to the bathroom when it is out of the cage.

  7. Conure Care : Conure care begins with the personal hygiene of your conure. Conure care involves good training to ensure healthy and happy conures.

  8. Conure Training : Conure training is an art. Good conure training means rewarding good behavior and each success with loving praise and a treat.

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