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Most of my friends own parakeets, or "budgies", as they are one of the most popular pet birds. The word "budgie" is short for budgerigar which is a native green and yellow bird in Australia. Budgies are small, colorful birds that are found in large numbers in the desert interiors of Australia. Budgies are used to days without water. Remember this while administering vitamins.

Budgies can eat almost anything you can eat and they prefer it raw. A budgie's main diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens. Budgies are quiet, intelligent and nondestructive birds. They make wonderful pets because of their relatively gentle, gregarious and entertaining personalities. My budgies do not bond with an individual, they interact with all my family members.

There are blue, green, albino, grey and yellow budgies. Each has its distinctive personality. Some are stubborn, others are very sweet. Some budgies may be sensitive while others might get into mischief at every opportunity. As a pet it is doubtful if the budgie can ever be equalled. Its popularity is gained mainly by its amazing powers of mimicry, and its antics are very amusing.

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Budgies are capable of developing a large vocabulary (perhaps 200-300 words) but you have to take effort to accomplish this. Well-trained budgies are a delight in your life but stubborn ones can wreak disaster. Are yours robbing you of sleep?

Vital Statistics for Budgies:

  • Size : 18 cm (7 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 10 to 15 years



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