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There are 17 species of cockatoos. Most are white in colour, but others come in grays and pinks, blacks, and in the Palm's case, deep blue. They are primarily found in the Indonesian islands. Cockatoos make wonderful pets because of their sweet nature. Cockatoos love to be cuddled and bond very easily with their human owners. Cockatoos aren't top talkers. Most individuals say a few words, but many do not. A few cockatoos become very good. Their voices don't have the tone and quality of an African grey's or Amazon's, but they're usually understandable enough.

Cockatoos are not usually picky eaters. Fruits, veggies, and pretty much everything else should be added to the diet daily. Most cockatoos love sharing mealtimes with their "flock", and certain owners will provide their bird with his own plate! Low-lactose dairy foods like skim milk, yogurt, and most cheeses are usually great. Even meat can be fed, although beef and pork should only be fed in very small amounts; chicken and
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turkey is better. Most cockatoos LOVE baths... Spray-baths being the usual preferred method.

Well-raised cockatoos are adorable; a hog for attention, a socialite , and just a pleasure to have around. On the other hand, badly-raised cockatoos are a synonym for nightmare!

  1. Goffin Cockatoo : The goffin cockatoo is a fun-loving parrot who is a born entertainer. The goffin cockatoo is a fair talker but some have been known to talk extensively.

  2. Umbrella Cockatoo : White or White-Crested Cockatoo is better known as umbrella cockatoo. Umbrella cockatoo is intelligent, social, good natured, active, acrobatic and very affectionate.

  3. Moluccan Cockatoo : The Moluccan Cockatoo is the largest of the "white" cockatoos. The Moluccan cockatoo is a very intelligent and sensitive bird.

  4. Rose Breasted Cockatoo : A captive bred rose breasted cockatoo makes a more affectionate and healthier pet than the wild-caught ones. The rose breasted cockatoo is relatively quiet and has an engaging, spritely personality and a good ability to mimic human speech.

  5. Cockatoo Behavior : Cockatoo behaviour has baffled scientists and bird lovers forever. Cockatoo behaviour varies greatly.

  6. Cockatoos As Pets : Cockatoos as pets are better at learning tricks and are good performers. Cockatoos as pets is a time consuming affair.


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