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Parrots are often cute and cuddly, and at times, quite moody and fierce. Parrotlets, as is evident from the name itself, are bigger personalities in even smaller packages. Parrotlets win you over simply by their size and amenable disposition. Parrotlets are amazing, intelligent, adaptable, and energetic. They can be closely related to the grand Amazon parrots. These tiny little birds make wonderful pets with proper care and training.

Never heard before some years ago, the parrotlet is rapidly becoming a favorite companion pet. The colorful plumage, beautiful personalities, inability to scream and comical behavior make them wonderful pets. Although they look like miniature parrots, they are parrots in the truest sense of the word. They are bold, curious and ready to learn to talk if you are patient enough to teach them. A parrotlet easily bonds with you. And, trust me, you just can't stop loving them!

There are seven species of parrotlets: Pacifics, Blue Wings, Green Rumps, Mexicans, Sclater's, Spectacles and Yellow Face. Of these, the Pacific or Celestial and Green Rump parrotlets are the most common. Parrotlets as pets show their true colors when they are kept single. Parrotlets need cages that can accommodate plenty of toys. They are bundles of energy and love swinging on their perches and nibbling at their toys.

The cock has cobalt blue flight feathers. The hen lacks the blue in the wings, and has a lighter blue (mostly blue/green) streak running from the eyes to the back of the neck. They have dark brown eyes , the beak is grayish-white,their legs are pale pink and they have short and sweet tails.

Take care of your parrotlet and get purely unconditional love from it. Believe me, I am an owner of parrots and parrotlets for the past twenty years. They are simply delightful company!

1. Pacific Parrotlet: Originating from western Equador to north-western Peru, the pacific parrotlets have melted more than a million hearts. The pacific parrotlet has a dark green back and wings with light green feathers on the face.

2. Parrotlet Training: Parrotlet training is good for your parrotlet and a definite boon to you. You can have hilarious, happy and mischievous parrotlets as a result of parrotlet training. Parrotlet training can remove behavioural problems and make your parrotlet freindly and whacky!

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Popular Searches : parrotlet

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