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Macaws have been rightly called winged rainbows. They are among those few species in nature which add color to Mother Earth and add to her unending miracles. Macaws are flamboyant, colorful, intelligent and captivating birds. Their personalities are legendary. Because of their great beauty and engaging personalities, macaws have been kept in captivity for centuries. In fact, in the United States, macaws were kept by the Pueblo Indians since 1100 A.D.

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Seventeen species of macaws can be found in the wild today, in Central and South America. They are typically brightly coloured, with large beaks and long tails. Blue and Gold Macaw, Greenwing Macaw, Military Macaw, Red Fronted Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw, Hahns Macaw are some examples from the family of macaws.

Provided they are given a healthy diet, good training, allowed freedom from their cage and given lots of attention macaws will be life long companions. Macaws live longer than most dogs and birds. Taking care of macaws is anything but easy. Your macaws will bond closely with you if you take pains to know as much about them as possible, mainly their feather condition, diet, flying tendencies and their personalities.

Small portions of pasta, cooked chicken, turkey or chicken thigh bones, fruit salad, cooked legumes and any other leftovers are great for macaws. In fact, my macaws are better with their food than my own children! They make no fuss if the same food is repeated twice.

  1. Blue and Gold Macaws : Blue and gold macaws make wonderful family pets especially when they are well trained. Blue and gold macaws can be very demanding and have a tendency to become agressive or pluck.

  2. Scarlet Macaw : One of the noble looking macaws is the Scarlet macaw. A scarlet macaw has a loud voice and can be quite vocal at times.

  3. Hahns Macaw : The first thing that attracts you to a hahns macaw is the wonderful combination of blue and green colors that stands out on a dull branch of a tree. Like most macaws, the hahns macaw is playful, talkative and a superb pet.

  4. Hyacinth Macaw : The plumage of the magnificent hyacinth macaw is predominately a deep cobalt blue. A hyacinth macaw is smart and inquisitive.

  5. Green Wing Macaw : The Green Wing Macaw, known as the "Gentle Giant", is second in size only to the Hyacinth Macaw. The green Wing macaw has a very sensitive, responsive, and affectionate disposition.

  6. Macaw Diet : The right macaw diet is the secret behind happy macaws. A healthy macaw diet would consist of daily servings of fresh fruits, veggies and warm meals.


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