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Ornithologists believe cockatiels are cockatoos which, in the process of evolution, remained behind in size and came to look more like parakeets than "true parrots." The name Cockatiel is thought to be an English adaptation of a Dutch sailor's pronunciation of the Portugese word "cacatitho", meaning a little cockatoo. Cockatiels are mainly found in Australia and are often known as desert birds.

Cockatiels are ideal for the first time pet owner. My first set of birds was a grey pair of cockatiels. They are characteristically happy and cheerful birds, never moody or demanding. Their whistle is soft and they are gentle. Cockatiels feed on greens in all forms, corn muffins or soft breads. Canned kernel type corn and millets are special favorites. Cockatiels can easily be trained to say simple phrases and are especially talented at learning to whistle little tunes. Their voices have a reedy quality much like the voice of a small child.

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Tame cockatiels often love to do things like take showers with you and wolf-whistle. My cockatiels eat off my plate of spaghetti and demand headscratches. They demand to be let on your shoulder for a ride, and make cute noises. Cockatiels also ask to be picked up and played with. However, untrained cockatiels can be a nuisance, especially in front of guests. Ain't I right? We have a wonderful solution. Try it.

"Watch Your Parrot Talk, Trick, Play... And STOP All Bad Parrot Behavior... Right Now!" is how Nathalie Roberts. begins her ebook. It gives you every imaginable, proven parrot training secrets and tips to train your cockatiels without any difficulty. She promises Talking And Singing, Perform Hilarious Tricks, Stop The Messy Poops et al, without any exaggeration. Visit to see millions thanking Nathalie for her amazing work.Get your copy now!

As a companion, watch the amazing videotaped training session by Chet Womach. Visit to get the FREE fun-to-watch video and training manual that shows easy steps to tame and train your pet. In this amazing video, he takes untame, untrained cockatiels and right in front of the camera trains them. NO actors. NO complicated techniques. You gotta see it to believe it. Become a bird whisperer yourself. Hurry! Get your copy now.

  1. Cockatiel Care : Cockatiel care cost is high. Cockatiel care includes good regulation of its diet.

  2. Cockatiel Behavior : Understanding cockatiel behavior is the first step to keeping these wonderful birds as pets. Want more information on cockatiel behavior?

  3. Cockatiels As Pets : Cockatiels as pets are small parrots with a variety of color patterns and a crest. While choosing cockatiels as pets, look for a bird that is bright, alert and active.

  4. Cockatiel Training : Cockatiel training is as much fun as are the birds themselves. Are you new to cockatiel training?

  5. Cockatiel Health : Good cockatiel health implies active and bright birds with glossy and thick feathers. It is generally believed cockatiel health problems are minimal if the bird has been bred in the spring or summer.

  6. Cockatiel Diseases : Cockatiel diseases are an important part of cockatiel care. As a cockatiel owner, you should be aware of all cockatiel diseases and what is to be done if your bird contracts any of them.


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