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Parrot ToysParrot Toys


A note of caution to all parrot owners! Parrots are intelligent birds and they should not be bored. Boredom and lack of companionship often lead to habits such as feather plucking. To avoid this, provide parrot toys to keep your parrots happy. You have to be sensitive while choosing parrot toys for your pet. Parrot toys may be handmade or machine-made. No one knows your parrot's needs as much as you do.

Be sensitive as you introduce a new toy to your parrot - many play with it within minutes, others require a gradual approach to overcome anxiety. By first placing the parrot toys outside of the cage their natural curiosity will be stimulated. Soon the new parrot toy will be irresistable! For lack of time or convenience, use hemp ropes as excellent parrot toys for your baby. These hemp ropes are completely free of any chemicals such as waterproofers so are safe for your bird.

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Handmade parrot toys have been eternal favorites with parrots. Most of my parrots are crazy for handmade stuff. Large Rope Gym, Polly Swing, The Knotty Toy and Jerry Jumble are some of the most famous parrot toys.As a parrot owner since the 1980's, I am conversant with most of the parrot toys in the market. General Venture is one among many that needs maximum attention. It gives you the finest, safest, most attractive, fun and lowest priced parrot toys you can ever imagine.

All parrot toys at GV are colorful, amusing, attractive, and they're packed with chewable items, such as wooden beads, leather, sisal and rawhide. And all are 100% safe for parrots. If you have an aggressive bird, then get a stronger parrot toy. If you have a domesticated parrot, then buy a smaller toy.

"Birdie-Go-Round" is made of separate pieces of stringed leather, metal ring, a quick link, and nine wodden beads. It makes your parrot's world go round and round.

Give your parrot the privilege to meet a dinosaur face to face! This colored rawhide "Chain Dinosaur" is attached to a metal chain. Shoe and Chew" is one of the long-lasting parrot toys. Your parrot will have an amazing time chewing on the sisal, wood, and the rawhide shoe.

Make your bird happy with all these parrot toys and more. Make your parrot the next Einstein with the "Abacus" parrot toys. Have fun watching your parrot solve mathematical problems!