Cheap Bird Cages
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Cheap Bird CagesCheap Bird Cages

If you are as keen a parrot lover as I am, then cheap bird cages should be among the top priorities in your shopping list. Cheap bird cages do not necessarily mean ill-equipped cages but those that are utilitarean and within your budget. Having kept parrots for the last twenty years of my life, I have thoroughly researched on all types of parrots and their cages.

All cheap bird cages are not made for all kinds of parrots. Cheap bird cages with stand are great for Parakeets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Ringneck Parakeets and other small Birds. They come in different colors: white,green, sandstone, platinum and black. These cheap bird cages include 4 wheels with casters, 2 perches, 2 plastic feeder stations, removable tray, removable grate, 2 large access doors and storage shelf.

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Another type of cheap bird cages are available in eggshell white, silver vein, and black vein. These cages include 4 Stainless Steel Cups, 2 feeder doors and one large main swing-out door. These bird cages have 2 wooden perches, large casters for mobility, 2 slide-Out trays -- one under the Play Top and one under the cage, removeable top and bottom grills.

Buy antique brass hendryx cheap bird cages for your regal macaws. These cheap bird cages are made of brass. They have wooden swinging perches. There are 2 openings for feeders. All the cheap bird cages have non-toxic powder coated finish for keeping your babies safe and healthy.

The vintage Hendryx Bird Cages are those cheap bird cages that have the original Handpainted Glass surrounding the cage. It is a delight to watch your parrots talk and play in such lovely cages. Theae cheap bird cages include a'swing' at the top, perches, 2 feeder stations and 3 containers for'treats'. There is also a bottom pull out for cleaning.

If you have more than one parrots like me, you must try to house some of them in one to enhance their solidarity. Go for double bird cages made of Wrought Iron. These cheap bird cages are perfect for the multiple bird household!!!( macaws, cockatoos, african grey ...) The cheap bird cages are easy to assemble with two large front doors, two seed guard flange, two sliding Dropping trays and two grates. Buy one today to experience the joy of having myriad colors of nature under your roof!