Hyacinth Macaw
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Hyacinth MacawHyacinth Macaw

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The plumage of the magnificent hyacinth macaw is predominately a deep cobalt blue. In natural light, the head appears to be a lighter shade of blue and has an almost iridescent quality. The word hyacinth refers to the bird's color and is defined as ‘a deep purplish blue to vivid violet.’ The hyacinth macaw's historical range included a large area of northeastern, central and south western Brazil, eastern Bolivia and north eastern Paraguay.

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The hyacinth macaw feeds largely on the nuts of certain palms, thick green covering of the palm nutshells and strips of palm fronds. If you have access to its kind of food, keep a hyacinth macaw at home and you will never miss the sea. Though it is an affectionate bird with a very sweet disposition, it has no idea of its own strength. A hyacinth macaw baby must be taught, at a very early age, about not putting pressure on fingers because they could easily hurt someone very badly without the intention to hurt.

A hyacinth macaw is smart and inquisitive. If a hyacinth macaw baby is shy when you get him, it will normally not take much time to get him to respond to affection from you. However, training a hyacinth macaw is vital. An untrained hyacinth macaw has caused many a bloodbaths in my house. My sister had no idea, in fact none of us were aware, of the strength of a baby hyacinth macaw. It put such pressure on her hand that she screamed and tried to put it down. The baby got frightened and began clawing my sister's hand!

Vital Statistics for the Hyacinth Macaw:

  • Size : 88 cm (34.64 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 55 years or longer
Popular Searches : hyacinth macaws

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