African Grey Parrot
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African Grey ParrotAfrican Grey Parrot

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the glorious world of the african grey parrot. Firstly, it’s important to know that there are two sub-species of African Grey Parrot -- the Congo African Grey and the lesser known Timneh sub-species.

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All African Greys have the potential to speak and imitate, not only human, but all manner of sounds and whistles. Those who are not paid much attention speak well while those african grey parrots who are allowed out of their cages or handled well may not speak at all. African grey parrot bonds strongly to one person. The african grey parrot is a notorious feather plucker. Boredom, dietary imbalances and emotional abuse are some of the reasons behind its ferocious plucking.

Every african grey parrot is as different from the other as i am from you. Each has its own talking and plucking ability. Screaming african grey parrots can often be distracted from their yelling by flying them on your finger, or taking them for a walk around the house. This calms them down and naturally builds up the trust that you need in a good relationship.

Vital Statistics for the African Grey Parrot:

  • Size : 33 cm (13 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 40 to 60 years
Popular Searches: grey parrot , african gray parrot

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