Nanday Conure
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Nanday ConureNanday Conure

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A nanday conure is one of the most colorful birds in the parrot family. It has a greenish plumage overall, with the lower parts of its body displaying a more yellowish green color. The nanday conure has a black head, and the upper part of the breast and throat are rich blue. A nanday conure's natural range is from the provinces of Formosa, Chaco, and Santa Fe in Argentina, to Mato Grosso in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

This bundle of colored feathers is a visual treat both in the wild and in your house. Unlike most conures, the nanday conure is a hardy bird. A nanday conure needs and enjoys large amounts of social stimulation. The Nanday Conure's friendly and affectionate personality makes this intelligent bird a lovable pet in the house. I fell in love with mine when I first saw it ages ago. A nanday conure can be fed a variety of dark green and yellow vegetables, fruits, chopped egg and cheese.

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A nanday conure can be taught tricks and to speak. It can become noisy in the morning or afternoon or whenever it is startled. A nanday conure is otherwise very adaptable and outgoing. It gets used to its owners quickly. An untrained nanday conure is difficult to control. It may become embarrassing in front of guests.

Vital Statistics for the Nanday Conure:

  • Size : 30 cm (12 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 25 years
Popular Searches : nanday conures

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