peachface lovebirds, lutino lovebirds
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peachface lovebirds, lutino lovebirdsPeachface Lovebirds, Lutino Lovebirds

Popular Searches : peach faced love birds, lutino lovebird

Peachface lovebirds are the most popular variety of lovebirds. This parrot species also comes in colors like Dutch-Blue, Cinnamon, Lutino and Pied. In fact, if you are looking for lovebirds for the first time in your life, you will mostly find peach faced love birds in most aviaries and pet stores. This is because it is very easy to breed these birds in captivity.

The Peachface lovebirds are very intelligent and they are very active by nature. They love to sit on your shoulder when you are foing through the morning newspaper. Beware, however, of one thing! These cute birds love to play and they will easily shred your newspaper if given a chance!

Peach faced love birds don't want anything in the world if they can lay their hands...err...claws on toys. But don't go about buying every toy you come across in the pet stores. Remember, they are nature's miniscule replica - they like things simple yet beautiful. Wooden spools and such simple stuff can keep them occupied for days on end.
The advantage of keeping peachface lovebirds in your house is they don't take up much space. Their size and the amount of exercise they need make small cages ideal for them. Another advantage of the peachface lovebirds or lutino lovebirds is the fact they have very sweet voices and it is pleasant to hear them call out to you or coo to each other. This makes them suitable for apartment living.

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Be prepared not to get hurt when you see your peach faced love bird bonding more closely to another lovebird than to you. This may happen even when the second lovebird is new in the house. Pairs often tend to disobey you when they find each other's company. Peachface lovebirds are curious and can easily learn to undo the latch of the cages.

Never underestimate their size. Their personalities are as colorful and interesting as their larger cousins. The peach faced love birds can easily manipulate situations. All in all, these birds are simply delightful. Own one today to bring about a drastic change in your life!

Vital Statistics:

Life Expectancy: about 15-30 years
Size: about 6 inches (16 cm.)

Popular Searches : peach faced love birds, lutino lovebird

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