Goffin Cockatoo
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Goffin CockatooGoffin Cockatoo

A goffin cockatoo is a large white bird with a small white crest unlike other cockatoos. The plumage of the goffin cockatoo is a beautiful white and it has soft salmon pink lores. Found on the Tenimber islands of Indonesia, the goffin cockatoo is one of the smartest of all the cockatoos. It has a very gentle disposition but a goffin cockatoo can be very loud, especially if it desires attention.

The goffin cockatoo is a fun-loving parrot who is a born entertainer. He is clever, loving, curious, playful and energetic. It makes a wonderful family pet. The goffin cockatoo is a fair talker but some have been known to talk extensively. It is a delight to have a trained goffin cockatoo snuggle and cuddle around you. An untrained one can scream enough to make you lose your sleep. Are you already thinking what made you get a goffin cockatoo?

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Vital Statistics for the Goffin Cockatoo:

  • Size : 32 cm (12.5 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 65 years



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