Green Parrot
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Green ParrotGreen Parrot

Welcome all you parrot lovers! Among all birds man has tamed the green parrot seems to be the most favorite. In fact the parrot family as a whole is the best choice. Among all kinds of parrots, there are many which can be termed a green parrot. This is because of the color of their plumage. A green parrot is a visual delight in any house. When I bought my first green parrot it changed the entire look and feel of the house. Any green parrot feeds on selected seeds, high quality proteins, carbohydrates, lean chicken and boiled vegetables.

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The hawk-headed parrot may be loosely called a green parrot because its upperparts are greeen. A moustache parakeet is also a green parrot with a grey head marked with bluish tinge. The eye area is washed with green. The young sun conure has feathers which are predominantly green making it again a green parrot. Amazons, Senegals and others may belong to the green parrot family.

Green parrots are intelligent, affectionate, inquisitive and can be easily trained. A well trained green parrot is a marvel in itself. However, it is true that untrained and untame green parrots can be a major nuisance. Is your green parrot well trained?

Vital Statistics for the Green Parrot:

  • Size : 35 cm (13.5 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 50-75 years


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