pacific parrotlet
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pacific parrotletPacific Parrotlet

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According to some avid parrot lovers like myself, the pacific parrotlet is the most beautiful of all parrotlets. Originating from western Equador to north-western Peru, the pacific parrotlets have melted more than a million hearts. As a parrot lover for the last twenty years, the pacific parrotlet has been one of my eternal favorites.

The male pacific parrotlet has a cobalt blue streak of feathers extending backward from the eye as well as cobalt blue on the back, rump and wings. The females sometimes have an eye streak but it is usually light turquoise or emerald green. The pacific parrotlet has a dark green back and wings with light green feathers on the face. This nature-colored parrotlet is a special gift of Mother Earth to us. The pacific parrotlet, like most parrotlets, is full of undying energy. You will always see it swinging on its perch or eating seeds or nibbling at the toys. But you will hardly see it sitting still.

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The pacific parrotlet is known for its fearlessness.Pacific parrotlets, however, often become moody and jealous, and develop hormonal problems during the breeding season. A well-trained pacific parrotlet will not undergo such major mood swings. Most pet pacific parrotlets are very sweet and lovable. They like it of you pet them as and when you get a chance and scratch their tiny little heads. They feed on seeds and pellets like most members of the parrot kingdom. Fruits and vegetables are delicacies.
Thinking of getting a pacific parrotlet? Get one now to experience all the joys of nature in a tiny, colorful and feathered body!

Vital Statistics:
Life Expectancy: 12-20 years
Size: 4-5½ inches (10-14 cm.)

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Popular Searches : pacific parrotlets