Senegal Parrots
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Senegal ParrotsSenegal Parrots

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Is there anyone who does not know the compact, playful and cuddly Senegal parrot? Deriving its name from its place of origin, it is also found in Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea. The Senegal parrot is a green bird with a grey head, sports different colored under parts and belly and has piercingly bright yellow iris. In its natural habitat, the Senegal parrot lives in moist woodland and on the edges of the savannah. The hand reared bird makes lovely pets.

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The Senegal parrot learns to talk and imitate sounds such as the creak of the garage door and the ring of the telephone. The African grey parrot is more accurate in pitch and tone but the Senegal parrot's is entertaining. Its diet consists of a seed mixture of sunflower, safflower, pine nuts, oats, hemp, millet and canary. It is a robust bird and not prone to feather plucking. A senegal parrot can also be well trained.

Like all birds the Senegal parrot must be allowed time out of the cage to exercise and interact with you. It can also play independently. The more you interact the more a Senegal parrot will relax and obey you. To be well behaved it must be well trained. Is that a major problem?

Vital Statistics for the Senegal Parrot:

  • Size : 23 cm (9 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 20 to 25 years

Popular Searches: senegal parrot

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