Hahns Macaw
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Hahns MacawHahns Macaw

Hahns macaw is again one of the finest varieties of the macaw family. The plumage is generally green with a bluish green forehead. The first thing that attracts you to a hahns macaw is the wonderful combination of blue and green colors that stands out on a dull branch of a tree. At least that's what made me look for one some fifteen years ago.

Like most macaws, the hahns macaw is playful, talkative and a superb pet. Like most macaws, the hahns macaw can also be an excellently trained pet. Although its natural habitat includes rainforests and savannahs, the hahns macaw is equally comfortable in a loving and caring home. A hahns macaw is like a child that needs to be pampered
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with to give fantastic results. It drools on fruits, seeds, berries and nuts. The hahns macaw also needs plenty of water to remain healthy.

Vital Statistics for the Hahns Macaw:

  • Size : 87 cm (34.25 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 60 years or longer


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