Umbrella Cockatoo
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Umbrella CockatooUmbrella Cockatoo

White or White-Crested Cockatoo is better known as umbrella cockatoo. It is all white with pale yellow under the wings and tail. It has a broad, white crest which is normally flat against the head and unfolds when raised. This action has earned the title "Umbrella". The umbrella cockatoo is native to Indonesia, in the Moluccan Islands of Batjan, Halmahera, Obi, Ternate and Tidor.

All of us know how good a pet the umbrella cockatoo can be. It loves cuddling and it forms strong bonds with its owners. A warning bell for all umbrella cockatoo lovers! It is very intelligent, curious and, if allowed, will learn to manipulate you. It is not a prolific talker unlike amazons and greys. Umbrella cockatoo is intelligent, social, good natured, active, acrobatic and very affectionate. It needs a family as much as you and I do. It also needs to be out of its cage for a time each day, to get attention, exercise and a change of environment. Howeover, it should be well trained for that.

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Vital Statistics for the Umbrella Cockatoo:

  • Size : 45 cm (18 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 60 to 65 years


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