Quaker Parrots
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Quaker ParrotsQuaker Parrots

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A hearty welcome to all bird lovers! I am here to share some interesting facts about our quaker parrot. Originally from South America, ranging from Brazil to Argentina, the quaker parrot is similiar in size to a Cockatiel, although it is stouter and weighs more. Also known as a monk parakeet, it is bright green over the head, in the body, and down the tail, with a little visible blue in the tip of the tail and the flight feathers.

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The quaker parrot enjoys soothing, cooing tones like, "Goooood Bird", and "Pretty Baaaaby". And of course it is an excellent talker. The baby quaker parrot can be heard softly, sometimes loudly, practicing its repertoires of human noises long before the words become clear. A quaker parrot loves to play amusing little games that provide great opportunity to bond with your parrot. It is a highly intelligent creature. A quaker parrot requires a tremendous amount of attention and stimulus in order to avoid boredom and aggression.

The more you respond to the noises made by your quaker parrot, the more you invite it to acquire human speech. It is just as interesting to study a quaker parrot's development just as it is in the case of a human baby. Just like your baby, your pet needs proper training for healthy living.

Vital Statistics for the Quaker Parrot:

  • Size : 27.9 to 33 cm (11-13 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 20 and more years
Popular Searches : quaker parrot

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