Blue Crown Conure
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Blue Crown ConureBlue Crown Conure

The Blue-crown conure has been regarded as one of the most intelligent conures. It is primarily green. The blue crown conure has a small light-blue color on the top of the head and has the characteristic Conure white-patch eye. In the wild, the blue crown conure is mostly found in Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil. In general, the blue-crown conure has proven itself to be well-suited for human companionship as a good-natured pet. It can usually be trusted to be quite gentle.

A blue crown conure feeds on seeds, fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. It loves to be pampered. Its intelligence enables it to learn quickly. A blue crown conure can be taught to perform several tricks, such as sticking out their tongue, waving their foot and kissing. An untrained blue crown conure can be very upsetting
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and embarrassing. To train it you need skill and patience.

Vital Statistics for the Blue Crown Conure:

  • Size : 37 cm (14.5 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 25 years


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