Green Cheek Conure
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Green Cheek ConureGreen Cheek Conure

The Green Cheek conure is one of my eternal favorites. It has olive green body and wings and a maroon tail. In natural habitats, the green cheek conure is found mainly in Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. It is smaller than cockatiels. It feeds on vet-recommended pellet diet that includes a little seed, and a choice of fruits and vegetables. Green Cheek conure needs extra fat in its diet because it is so active and has oil producing glands, so a few nuts and sunflower seed can be beneficial. It is also highly energetic.

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A green cheek conure is intelligent and playful. It makes a wonderful pet. A green cheek conure is very sweet natured and can be easily trained to talk. It has such a tiny voice that usually only the owner can understand. A green cheek conure does not really whistle. It generally repeats a few words and common houshould noises.

A green cheek conure can be trained to go to the bathroom in special areas when it is out of the cage. Owing to its quiet nature, the green cheek conure is the perfect choice as an apartment bird. Some may be noisier than the rest but it is the quietest bird in the entire parrot family.

Vital Statistics for the Green Cheek Conure:

  • Size : 30 cm (12 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 25 years

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