Cockatiel Care
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Cockatiel CareCockatiel Care

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The best advice I can give regarding cockatiel care is to get the largest cage you can afford. Cockatiel care cost is high. Cockatiels are high maintenance pets. They require many hours of love daily, which they will then return to you. An important step in cockatiel care is to provide the best conditions in the cage. Newspaper is the best floor covering for a cage; you can inspect the birds' droppings occasionally to assess the state of his health, and can take up the top sheets frequently to remove the dirt.

Cockatiel care includes good regulation of its diet. This bird is used to eating seeds, pelleted feed and fresh chopped fruits, vegetables, and greens. For proper cockatiel care, it is important to wash your bird's food and water containers daily. Clean the cage and accessories on a regular basis. Doing so will help prevent illnesses.
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Another important step in cockatiel care is to keep its wing feathers trimmed. Birds with untrimmed wings CAN and WILL fly away.

All cockatiels cannot talk. They love to whistle and mimic a variety of sounds. Excellent cockatiel care makes well-trained cockatiels. Is yours well trained? If no, stop worrying now. Believe me, I have the best solution for you.

In all my years of research on cockatiel care, nothing has impressed me as much as Nathalie Robert's ebook. Get almost every imaginable, proven parrot training secrets and tips to enjoy the fun of having a happy bird in your life and stop the bad behaviour of your cockatiels.

She tells you everything you need to know about cockatiel care. Learn about the 9 major diseases that can affect your cockatiel, young parrot diseases, the 10 most common injuries that can affect your cockatiel. Visit to listen to people who have benefitted after using her manual. Order now!

Chet Womach has revolutionised techniques of cockatiel care and training. In his amazing video, he takes an untame, untrained cockatiel and right in front of the camera trains it and tames it. You have to see it to believe it. My cockatiel has mastered the tricks so easily that it can be sent to contests! Visit to buy your copy now.

Popular Searches : cockatiels caring

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