Scarlet Macaw
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Scarlet MacawScarlet Macaw

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One of the noble looking macaws is the Scarlet macaw. Its general plumage is bright scarlet. The scarlet macaw has a striking black and white bill and pale naked cheeks. It is red with green and yellow markings on blue wings. A scarlet macaw looks grander in flight along with its flock. In its natural habitat, the scarlet macaw ranges from tropical Mexico to Bolivia.

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Scarlet macaws eat fruits, nuts, flowers and nectar. My scarlet macaw feeds on unripe fruit and nuts as well. A scarlet macaw also eats clay from river banks. A young scarlet macaw picks up a limited number of words very quickly. It gets very attached to the owner. The Scarlet Macaw is extremely intelligent and can be a very talented talker. It has a strong personality and should be given a lot of attention and freedom.

A scarlet macaw has a loud voice and can be quite vocal at times. It is social and friendly to people it has known since it was a baby. It adjusts well with humans after it attains full height but it may be difficult to train it then. A well trained adult scarlet macaw brings color not only to your house but also in your life.

Vital Statistics for the Scarlet Macaw:

  • Size : 85 cm (33.5 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 50 years or more
Popular Searches : scarlet macaws

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