Sun Conures
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Sun ConuresSun Conures

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To begin with, let us have a quiz. Two word answer for an endearing, charming and playful personality packaged into a vibrant bundle of feathers. Obviously the sun conure. The sun conure possesses a multifaceted personality that delights the experienced bird owner and piques the curiosity of the inexperienced nonbird person. General plumage of a sun conure is yellow and green while the cheeks, forehead, abdomen and down to the lower back are tinged with bright fiery orange.

The Sun Conure is found in most of South and Central America, the West Indies and in parts of Mexico. In the wild the sun conure is a friendly and peaceful bird. It lives in groups of twenty or more. A sun conure feeds on various seeds, fruits, and insects in the wild. The young sun conure has feathers, which are predominantly green, while older birds sport more of the yellow or reddish-orange.

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A sun conure eats grains, vegetables, fruit and meats that your family enjoys. My sun conure prefers boiled vegetables to fresh ones. What about yours? Give plenty of fresh water to your sun conure for a happy and healthy bird. Keep it away from cats, pans and pots. Best solution is to clip its wings as all of us know. Another important question to all bird lovers. Is your pet well trained?

Vital Statistics for the Sun Conure:

  • Size : 30 cm (12 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 25 years
Popular Searches : sun conure

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