Blue and Gold Macaws
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Blue and Gold MacawsBlue and Gold Macaws

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Blue-and-gold Macaws are my favorite. I am attracted to the immense size and bright pumage. Found in eastern Panama, western Colombia, western Ecuador and most of the Amazon Basin, the blue and gold macaw is one of the most popular pet birds. The blue on the back and wings can range from a blue-green to a deep royal blue, and the chest color can be yellow to a deep gold. The front of his crown is emerald green that becomes blue covering the rest of the head.

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Blue and gold macaws make wonderful family pets especially when they are well trained. They have to be socialized as a young bird to ensure a friendly personality. They are very intelligent and are good talkers. They balk initially but adjust very quickly. What irks me is its loud voice. It can be brought down with training. Blue and gold macaws feed on seeds and nuts, fruit and vegetables and extra protein in the form of cooked chicken or cheese.

The blue and gold macaw can be very demanding and has a tendency to become agressive or pluck. Well-trained blue and gold macaws are a visual delight. Are yours trained?

Vital Statistics for the Blue and Gold Macaw:

  • Size : 86 cm (34 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 50 years or more
Popular Searches: blue and gold macaw

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