Parrot Behavior
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Parrot BehaviorParrot Behavior

Parrot behaviour varies as much as mine would from yours. Some problems in parrot behaviour include biting, screaming and feather plucking. Each problem in parrot behaviour has a specific reason. Some parrots may develop phobias. As a parrot owner for the last twenty years, I think the best way to react to parrot behaviour problems is to try and understand the thought processes of these highly intelligent birds.

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Just like a new baby, helping your baby parrot to settle down in a new home helps to ease parrot behaviour problems. Use the same method for an adult parrot when it is shifted to a new surrounding. There are many factors that can affect parrot behaviour. The size and location of the cage, boredom, insufficient exercise and deprivation may lead to severe parrot behaviour problems. The best way to tackle parrot behaviour is to train and tame your parrots so that they never complain!

In all my years of extensive research on parrot behaviour, the one thing that struck me most was the ebook by Nathalie Roberts. It is for all parrot lovers who want a happier and even hilarious parrot. Nathalie promises all imaginable, proven parrot training tips and secrets to manage the worst possible parrot behaviour. As a free gift get some amazing new Parrot Secrets sent to your email inbox every week.

She solves all parrot behaviour problems in easy-to-learn steps. Visit to listen to and read about people who have benefitted from her tips. Read hilarious stories about parrots that used to be scared of the farthest footstep. Believe me, it works wonders! I bet it will work for you too.

The other resource that made me jump was the videotaped training session of untame birds by Chet Womach. This fun-to-watch video is absolutely free for all who visit This is a one-stop solution to all parrot behaviour problems. It is not just a book or a video. It is your chance to enter your parrot's mind. Be a bird whisperer and solve all bad parrot bahaviour.

Your "juvenile delinquent" will be the most well-trained parrot in the world. Period. In this amazing video, Chet takes untrained and untame parrots and right in front of the camera, trains and tames them. You gotta see it to believe it. NO actors. NO complex techniques. Get your copy now!

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