Conure Care
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Conure CareConure Care

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Conure care is the only important thing you should keep in mind when you get one for your family. Conure care begins with the personal hygiene of your conure. This includes a morning bath to keep its plumage glossy and beautiful. Use a flat earthenware dish so that your conure can step into it to take a bath. The next important step in conure care is to keep the wings trim. This will stop your conure from flying away.

Another step in conure care involves maintenance of its nails and beak. This the conure does on its own through climbing and chewing. However, as part of conure care, both the nails and the beak should be trimmed if they get overgrown. Providing a healthy diet to your conure is a crucial part of conure care. In the wild, the conure feeds mainly on grass seeds, nuts, berries, fruits, flowers, buds, insects and grains. However, in captivity, its diet should be restricted to a good seed mixture supplemented with various fruits, green foods, millet spray, and some mealworms.

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Conures need a great deal of exercise. They should have distractions so that they don't get bored. Conure care involves good training to ensure healthy and happy conures. Are you unhappy with your conure care? If so, stop worrying now. In all my years of research on conure care, the book that moved me most was Nathalie Roberts.' ebook. She gives you almost every imaginable, proven parrot training secrets and tips to perfect conure care. Interested?

Visit to read hilarious stories of parrots from their owners who have benefitted greatly from these parrot training techniques.

The only other companion to Nathalie's ebook is the amazing video by Chet Womach. He has revolutionised the art of conure care. In this free fun-to-watch video, Chet takes untrained and untame conure birds and trains them right in front of the camera. He shows unbelievable methods of conure care. Don't believe me? Visit to see what I mean. This famous trainer shows you all his secret methods. Be a bird whisperer to take good conure care.

Popular Searches : conure bird

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