Conure Training
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Conure TrainingConure Training

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Conures are beautiful and playful birds that look enchanting in the wild. However, conure training is vital to make them lovable pets. Conure training is an art. It takes a lot of patience and skill. During conure training remember never to make it feel that you are scared. Once conure senses this, you will have to forget conure training forever. It is possible to train your conure to talk. It demands tremendous skill.

Conure owners have different theories on conure training. Firstly, its wings should be clipped. When you undertake conure training, be sure to cover the mirrors, have the windows and the door closed. Good conure training means rewarding good behavior and each success with loving praise and a treat. Some treats are a cracker, fruit such as a piece of grape, or a nut. These are very bright birds and love learning tricks.
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Some of the tricks you can teach as a part of conure training it are to play dead, lie on it's back, and even pick up objects and bring them to you. It's great fun if your conure training is successful.

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Popular Searches : conure bird

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