Jendaya Conure
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Jendaya ConureJendaya Conure

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The jendaya conure is a beautiful bird with a yellow head, an orange front and green wings. It is generally found in Northern Brazil. The Jendaya conure is a very playful and entertaining bird, and can be trained easily. A jendaya conure is a very good family bird because it tolerates the loudness of a family and the quick actions of children.

Seeds, nuts, berries and fruits form the best diet for a jendaya conure. A feast would include pellets and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Spirulina will enhance the color on your jendaya conure and make those brilliant colors even more vibrant. A must with a jendaya conure is a water bottle system. This will provide fresh, clean water to your bird at all times, even when you aren’t home for a couple of days.

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As with most conures, the jendaya conure can be quite loud if it is taught to use its voice to get attention from the family. A jendaya conure makes quite a good talker. It tends to learn from a woman's voice as the pitch is higher than a man's. It will also learn to speak a few words. The jenday conure is easy to learn tricks, and it loves to lie on its back- even in your hands. A jenday conure loves to be held and yet it is extremely playful.

Vital Statistics for the Jendaya Conure:

  • Size : 30 cm (12 ins)
  • Life Expectancy : 25 years
Popular Searches : jenday conure

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