african lovebirds
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african lovebirdsAfrican Lovebirds

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As is evident from the name, African lovebirds are originally from Madagascar and Africa. Nine different species of African love birds are known to exist. These parrots are small but simply gorgeous. They caught man's attention in the middle of the nineteenth century and have since been captivated by man in both his imagination and reality.

The African lovebirds are stout bundle of mind-blowing colors with little rounded tails. These lovebirds are highly social in nature and are characteristically noisy. Noise symbolizes contentment. African love birds are intelligent and they are better off alone or in pairs. These birds do not usually live in colonies because they tend to fight with each other if they do not get enough space for themselves.

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Among the African lovebirds, the Peachfaced lovebirds seem to be the most popular. They also tend to be more noisy and aggressive than the other eight species that are known as the African love birds. As an owner of African lovebirds for the last twenty years, I am certain of one thing. You better be very careful about their cages.

These cute little birds are excellent at flying away from the cage. And, believe me, it is mighty tough to get them back into their cages. I wasn't so fortunate in the beginning and I cried buckets when I lost two of them.

Vital Statistics:

Life Expectancy: about 15-30 years
Size: about 6 inches (16 cm.)

Popular Searches : african love birds

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