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love birdsLove Birds

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Love birds are meant to be loved and loved hard. You can't resist falling in love with them. This African parrot species is becoming one of the most favorite pets in all households today. It reached the United States in the late twentieth century. Since these birds love to coo and peck its loved one, it is generally believed a pair of these birds completes the ring of love in your home. However, as a parrot expert, I must tell you it is not entirely true. If you are dedicated and really love this bird and are ready to spend time with your bird, one love bird is all that you need to enjoy your life.

There are many varieties of love birds, the most common being the peachfaced love bird. A love bird ushers in pure joy and laughter in your life. Whenever you are in a dark mood, watch your love bird's antics and you can actually see blues fading into the distance! That's my guarantee to you. Love birds are playful by nature and it loves to follow you around on your shoulder. It plays hide-and-seek with you in your hair! Isn't that the sweetest thing you have ever heard?

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A love bird is intelligent and affectionate. It can be trained to give kisses and learn other tricks. It has the ability to learn to talk and whistle. Its speech is clear and distinct. It responds eagerly to your voice and expects a loving gesture as a reward. Don't break its heart. Give it whenever it asks for it. And do not underestimate its abilities by its size. It is small in size but it is a big parrot at heart.

Vital Statistics:

Life Expectancy: about 15-30 years
Size: about 6 inches (16 cm.)


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Popular Searches : love bird

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