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lovebird careLovebird Care

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Lovebirds remain lovely only when lovebird care is foolproof. All of us who have had parrots or other pets or children in the house know what it is to take care of babies. Parrots, especially lovebirds have very sensitive immune systems. This means that at the first sign of illness, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Even a simple virus can turn deadly overnight. Lovebird care means, first and foremost, a regular checkup of their plumage. Preening is the lovebird's natural way of taking care of its plumage. You can encourage this by occasionally misting it with warm water.

There is nothing like sweet home. So, selecting the right cage for your lovebirds is an important part of lovebird care. Lovebirds need a lot of exercise. The cage you buy should have sufficient room for it to play around. Most cages come with 2 perches. For more specialised lovebird care, you can attach a cuttlebone to the side of the cage. This will help keep the bird's beak in good condition besides working as a source of calcium and other minerals.

The most important step in love bird care is the positioning of the cage. This crucial decision lays the foundation of your relationship with your lovebird. This also determines your lovebird's mood, playfullness and attitude to you and your family! Do you know exactly how many times a week your lovebird needs to have a bath during the summer? During the winter? Improper love bird care can result in feather plucking, moody and ill-trained lovebirds at home.

Just as it is good to know about diseases your child is prone to contract and precautions you can take to protect him/her, similarly it is wise to know what injuries and what diseases can affect your lovebird before you undertake foolproof lovebird care. In all my years of research on lovebird care, nothing has impressed me as much as Nathalie Roberts.' ebook.

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It is a training manual that gives you all possible tips to train your lovebird in only a few days' time! She shares all her secrets to stop all the bad behaviour of lovebirds and make it a happy, singing and lovable pet. A well trained lovebird is the fruit of successful lovebird care.
She tells you everything you need to know about love bird care. Learn about the 9 major diseases that can affect your lovebird, young parrot diseases and the 10 most common injuries that can affect your lovebird.

Visit to get all possible information on love bird care.
The best companion to her book is the amazing video by Chet Womach where he takes untrained lovebirds and in front of the camera, shows you how to train them. NO actors. NO complex techniques. Interested? Buy it at and have cuddly and hilarious lovebirds in your life.

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Popular Searches : love bird care

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