Macaw Diet
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Macaw DietMacaw Diet

The right macaw diet is the secret behind happy macaws. Macaws have been rightly called winged rainbows. Macaws are flamboyant, colorful, intelligent and captivating birds. Their personalities are legendary. Macaws make excellent pets because of their engaging personalities.

In the wild, the macaw diet consists of the yellow-orange flesh between the brown skin and the cherry-sized nut of the palm fruit. It has the consistency of a raw potato. This made up nearly 100 percent of the macaw diet. A healthy macaw diet would consist of daily servings of fresh fruits, veggies and warm meals. Dietary supplements such as vitamins are essential. Bowls of cooked rice and corn made up the staple macaw diet in Central and South America. In the United States, peanuts replaced the palm fruit.

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If you have a Hyacinth Macaw, you will need to purchase in-shell raw macadamia nuts separately to round out your macaw diet, as they need these nuts for their higher protein and fat content. Small portions of pasta, cooked chicken, turkey or chicken thigh bones, fruit salad, cooked legumes and any other leftovers can also be included in your macaw diet.

Are you facing problems in feeding your macaws? Is it difficult to shift to a new macaw diet? Do you know the exact amount of proteins, seeds and veggies to include in the macaw diet? If you dont know answers to any of these questions, stop worrying now. In all my years of research on parrots, macaw diet has been a major area of interest. The best resource I can recommend is Nathalie Roberts.' ebook.

Besides being a training manual, this ebook answers all your questions regarding macaw diet. She suggests 11 secret psychological tricks you can use to persuade and convince your macaws to try a new and improved macaw diet rich in nutrients. The most common bird nourishment problem deals with improper amounts of Vitamin A in your macaw diet. Nathalie tells you how much of different types to feed your macaws to ensure a healthy macaw diet.

She also gives parrot digestion secrets so that you can add the right fruits in your macaw diet to aid its digestion. Use the 4 most important food preparation rules in your macaw diet to see your macaws smack their lips...err...beaks! Interested? Visit to know much more about macaw diet.

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