Cockatiel Diseases
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Cockatiel DiseasesCockatiel Diseases

Popular Searches : cockatiel illnesses

Cockatiel diseases are an important part of cockatiel care. As a cockatiel owner, you should be aware of all cockatiel diseases and what is to be done if your bird contracts any of them. Like all parrot species, cockatiels never show evident symptoms of diseases. When you notice unusual behaviour patterns or change in the amount of food intake or unusual droppings, that's when you realize your cockatiel has contracted some disease.

For complete information on cockatiel diseases, grab a copy of Nathalie Roberts.' ebook now! In all my years of research on cockatiel diseases, this ebook impressed me most. She describes all cockatiel diseases, their symptoms and their if-available cures in easy-to-follow language. Let me cite some examples to convince you of its merits.

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Runny Nose or Nasal Discharge - The most common of all nasal discharge is laxity of Vitamin-A in parrots. This deficiency can be corrected by increasing the food quantities that are rich in vitamins and mineral contents especially.

Gout - Babies who appear slightly smaller than their regular sizes, with protruding neck bone have the largest possibility of incurring gout. Initially they show regurgitating and slight dehydration after feedings. Blood tests are a good measure to check the high levels of urates in the blood.

E-coli - This bacterium is not so lethal if it is acknowledged and treated at initial stages. In fact, when parrots are diagnosed of having Ecoli their droppings usually have the appearance of diarrhea, giving out strong odor.

All these and many more in Nathalie's amazing ebook. Visit to get detailed information on cockatiel diseases and their treatments. What are you waiting for? Get your copy now for a healthy and disease-free cockatiel in you life.

Popular Searches : cockatiel illnesses

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