Cockatiel Health
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Cockatiel HealthCockatiel Health

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Cockatiel health is the most important point you should keep in mind when you plan to get a cockatiel as a pet. It is generally believed cockatiel health problems are minimal if the bird has been bred in the spring or summer.

Good cockatiel health implies active and bright birds with glossy and thick feathers. For a foolproof guide on cockatiel health, the ebook by Nathalie Roberts. is a must-buy. In twenty years of my research on cockatiel health, nothing has impressed me as much. It gives you all the names and descriptions of disease causing germs, the symptoms of the diseases and their cure. Some of the most common viruses that
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affect cockatiel health are Pacheco’s Virus and Polyomavirus. Birds infected by Pacheco's virus do not live long. Oral dose of Zovirax is available , but it does not help much.

Polyomavirus is air-borne and complicated to control. Look for clinical warning signs like depression, delayed crop emptying, anorexia, diarrhea,regurgitation and weight loss in parrots. Another disease that affects cockatiel health majorly is the Wasting Disease. This disease has a severe effect on nervous system extended to all of the major organs, triggering seizures, paralysis, and tremors, and also heart attacks. There is no known medication available for Wasting Disease, but changing the food patterns of the parrots by including easily digestible diet supplements may prolong the life of a victim.

All these and many more in Nathalie's amazing ebook. Visit to learn more about cockatiel health, the diseases and their remedies, if available. I became a wiser bird owner since I came across her ebook. Get your copy now to take maximum care of your cockatiel health.

Popular Searches : cockatiel information, feeding cockatiels


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